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I'm a lover of anything mentally stimulating. Teen Wolf is my main fandom right next to Supernatural and Doctor Who. I spend a majority of my time being emotionally compromised but I try not to show it. Call me Pierce.
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    Otherkin are clutch as fuck like, there strange fucked up people and they might need therapy to adapt to their ‘human’ bodies but their nice and they identify as the things that make them feel safe and at home so who am I to hate on that?

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  • Anonymous asked : i swallow my mom's diamond but she doesn't understand?? i'm dragonkin and she is literally starving me


    oh no! i totally understand where youre coming from but maybe next time you could eat some cheaper gems? maybe like rhinestones? i know it wont compare to real gems, but it could be a cheaper way to satisfy your hunger! or even better, you could make rock candy! i know how hard it can be to have humans not understand your kintype, and i wish you the best of luck with your hoard! (◡‿◡✿)

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  • Anonymous asked : I feel very lucky to be surrounded bu other therians, but they're all a wolf pack, and I'm the awkward fox standing in a corner. They've honourarily accepted me into their pack, but I can't help but just not feel quite right...
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  • Anonymous asked : sometimes i think i might be spacekin (i dont think i'd ever make this publicly known/join any kin communities, it all just seems rly toxic and uncomfortable). ive just always felt like being part of such a larger picture is relaxing; it makes me feel comfortable. and idk ive just always felt very connected to the universe or smthn. i just thought id put this here because i doubt ill ever tell anyone else. cool!! yes. bye!!
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  • Anonymous asked : I'm frustrated that there isn't a lot of information for phoenixkin.
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  • Anonymous asked : half the reason I'm afraid to get involved with the otherkin community is that I'm pretty sure I'm a fallen angel and I don't know how other angels would react to that
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  • idk how I ended up back in the otherkin tag but I am and i’ve found a fucking confession blog stand by 

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    what if you were stuck with whoever/whatever your icon was for the rest of your life



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    good night

    ahhhh…… h…… this

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